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Ratel-X Industries® Cranked Watts Linkage Arms for Discovery 2 Td5 & V8


The watts linkage on a Land Rover Discovery 2 is designed to restrict sideways movement of the rear axle. When Suspension is lifted the watts linkage arms can come into contact with the axle brackets which will restrict articulation and downward movement of the axle.


The Ratel-X Industries® Cranked Watts Linkage Arms have been designed with a cranked lower arm, cocked over upper arm, and a slight twist in both arms. The lower arm is cranked so that it does not interfere with the axle brackets, and the cocking and twisting of the arms relieves stress in the bushes at stationary ride height.


These modifications have been designed to work optimally with a 4 inch suspension lift but will also work fine from a 3 inch to 5 inch suspension lift. Note these are for axles that have NOT been castor corrected and will NOT work if you have castor corrected rear arms.


Precision Engineered for superior strength, the Ratel-X Industries® Cranked Watts Linkage Arms are made from CDS tube with a larger diameter than standard which results in a 43% increase in strength. To maintain strength and avoid weak spots we have also mandrel bent these tubes rather than inferior crush bending.


Please coose one of the following options:

1. NO bushes

2. Rubber Bushes (Fitted)

3. Polyurethane Bushes (Supplied loose)


  • Precision Engineered in the United Kingdom
  • Zinc Rich Primer and Semi Gloss Black Powder
  • Suitable for Land Rover Discovery 2 Td5 & V8 vehicles from 1998 to 2004
  • Suitable for 3 inch to 5 inch Suspension Lift
  • NOT for castor corrected rear arms


Note: If these are installed with rubber bushes, the outer bolts should only be tightened with the vehicle at stationary ride height. If tightened whist jacked up the bushes will fail prematurely.



Cranked Watts Linkage Arms for Discovery 2 Td5 & V8

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  • Please note that all our Ratel-X Industries products are designed for off road use only.


    The effectiveness of this equipment is directly related to the manner in which it is installed, used, and/or maintained. Proper installation, use and maintenance is solely the responsibility of the installer/user, and will not be assumed by Ratel-X Industries.


    Ratel-X Industries accepts no liability for loss, damage, injury or death caused by and/or resulting from the use of our parts or products.

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