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The Ratel-X Industries flatpack firepit is made from heavy-duty 5mm thick steel, this firepit is built to last. Large enough for you to have a proper campfire it packs down to briefcase size to take with you anywhere.


Our flatpack firepit comes supplied with grill grate included that locks in place so it won't slide off.




• can be used with Wood or Charcoal


• 16”x16”x12” built up size

• 16"x12"x1 1/4" flatpack


• 5mm heavy-duty steel construction


• 40 lbs weight, built to last


• Not painted, we suggest you oil your firepit after each use to prevent rust


Please practice fire safety when using this product. Place fire pit on solid, level ground.


Safety Instructions

1. Outdoor use only

2. Ensure fire pit is always in the care of a

responsible adult

3. Ensure fire pit is secure and positioned on level ground

4. Ensure fire pit is clear of any flammable

items or liquids

5. Do not move fire pit while in use

6. When in use, always ensure a safe distance from flamable vegetation

7. Keep children away from fire pits, lighters or mafches

8, Never leave fire pit unattended. Ensure firepit has been extinguished before leaving it unattended.

9. Take care when packing fire pit away as

components may remain hot after fire is


Heavy Duty Flatpack Firepit

Excluding Sales Tax
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